Who We Are.

Lucid exists to first bring clarity in a political, moral, and cultural fog created by a market of competing kingdoms, and second to bring answers to our deepest existential questions which implicate purpose, hope, and future. The team is in place, the partners are at the top of the industry, we need the financial fuel to break initial inertia and cross the stratosphere, and we will, like Pat Robertson did for our parents' generation, create an outlet that orients the nation back to God’s good and beautiful moral order

Our Mission.

A media outlet producing authentic, edgy, and accessible news and digital content from a classical-Christian worldview based on the ideas and ideals that founded the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world: The United States of America. This is not some hokey-boomer trap. This is the deep work of artfully-crafting content to influence the minds that will build a society again based upon God, freedom, and justice.


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