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Beauty and the Beast - Documentary

"Beauty and the Beast: A Dream About Donald Trump" is a documentary that takes us through a dream foreshadowing the symbolism of the beautiful American rebel and the beast, Donald Trump. We explore how the attack on the beast provokes great transformative power over Trump going into his 3rd election. As we delve into the parallels between this timeless story and contemporary politics, we uncover America the beautiful, Trump the character of the beast, and the transformative potential of narratives in shaping societies.

The film explores Parisian city streets, the dream, discussions of political rivalry with influential guests such as James O'Keefe, Bryce Eddy, Tracey Armstrong and more, concluding with the power of storytelling and symbolic narratives as we encourage viewers to critically evaluate the portrayal presented in politics and seek common human ground.

It's a powerful call to action for a pivotal time such as now.

We are seeking partners in post-production and advertising to finish out the final leg of this documentary and push it to the masses before November.

Our post-production budget of $150,000 would fund editing, sound design & mixing, music, composer, licensing fees, color correction, color grading, visual effects, graphic design, and more. Our advertising budget of $150,000 would fund costs related to digital marketing, social media ads, influencer collaborations, TV spots, radio ads, print ads, PR firm partnerships, screenings, website development, posters, flyers merchandise, etc.

As a partner with "Beauty and the Beast," your support will award you the following:

The Dream Tier ($1 - $50)

Exclusive "Close Friends" Instagram Updates: Regular updates via @readlucid's "close friends" Instagram stories on the film's progress, including exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Special Thanks in Credits: Inclusion in the "Special Thanks" section of the film's credits.

The Beauty Tier ($51 - $200)

Personalized Thank You Video: A personalized thank you video from the cast and/or crew.

Thank You Shout-Out: Public acknowledgment on social media and the film’s website.

The Beast Tier ($201 - $500)

Film Poster (Physical Copy): A high-quality, signed physical poster of the film.

Digital Download of the Film: Early access to a digital copy of the film.

The West Wing Tier ($501 - $1,000)

VIP Screening Invitation: Tickets to a VIP screening or premiere event.

Associate Producer Credit: Official associate producer credit on the film.

The Change Tier ($5,001 -25,000)

Executive Producer Credit: Official executive producer credit on the film.

Dinner with the Director/Producer: An exclusive dinner with a key member of the film’s team.

The Presidential Tier ($25,001 and above)

Private Screening: A private screening of the film for the supporter and 2 friends.

We believe in the power of a transformed heart and the call to America to return to greatness once again. We hope you'll consider being an agent of change too. 

Thank you for joining the LUCID journey to bring Truth.
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